Tuesday, January 13, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #13 - Another good ladder session!

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blog! Today was another lucky day for me! My winrate was above 50% and I had some fun and close games! It's been a long time since I had such an amazing ladder session especially with 12-14 viewers! I don't get a lot of them, but I am happy that I got them, when everything in ladder went fine!
          This day was probably the most succesful ladder day of this year and maybe even last year, because I had a decent amount of viewers and I had some good quality games + commentary to share with my amazing viewers! I haven't raged today at all, so I am pretty happy about this practice session. Literally nothing wrong went this day, except I got cheesed twice at the end of my livestream... One cheese was by Protoss and another one was by Terran. Protoss did 1 base blink all in and Terran did 3 marine/2scv rush + he proxied barracks and my Reaper was out of position + he built a bunker in my main and I couldn't hold on anymore! Anyways, now let's talk about the most hyped up thing of the day! I finally beat a legit masters player! Even thought he was off-racing, BUT he was ex-Grand Master for 4 times! Like that is insane! He has so much experience in this game, so he can easily off-race, so that's why I am still proud of my win! He was a terran and the game was 50/50. My opponent didn't do enough damage with banshees, so I got ahead in terms of economy, but my fights were pretty scrappy, so he almost took the game. Happily I had a defenders advantage and managed to push out, I went right into his 3rd base after I deflected his timing push and saw that he has no 3rd base, well he was making it, but I was able to cancel it, so after that I knew that I killed almost all of his units + he is behind economically, later on the game just snowballed and I managed to kill him, with my superior macro!
          In conclusion I am really proud of my performance today! I didn't expect to have such a good winrate and good quality games + to beat masters player! Anyways tomorrow I will stream for a longer time, it's not going to be 3 hours, this time it might be 4-5 hours so get hyped! Okay now here are the daily statistics:

Today's Played Games: 14
Today's Winrate: 71% (10-4)
Today's Uptime: 3:11:49

Monday, January 12, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #12 - Week of consistence!

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blog! (Not so daily, but I will do my best, to make this blog daily!) It's been 4 days since I didn't blog... Feeling a little bad for this, but busy life is busy life, it is really hard for me to find free time with school/dance lessons and StarCraft Daily livestreaming, but as I said earlier in my other blogs, I am doing my best to become as consistence as possible! I think my 1 Year Challenge goal is going to become as consistence as possible! Anyways today I started playing on new ladder pool and I will share some experiences of this pool!
          Okay, so I started off playing this season pretty successful, I took first two ladder games and I got promoted to Diamond! (which means that I was worth being Top diamond and my MMR was pretty decent, not like last season I was in top diamond, but got promoted to Platinum, it happened only because of bonus pool...) I am pretty happy that I got promoted to Diamond, I will not need to play against Platinums who all-ins so much... Anyhow my other games went pretty well, except one where I made small missclick... I built two refineries, then pressed something that didn't build refineries and when I wanted to fix it, but while I was doing it, I couldn't multitask enough and I lost my hellions... RIP... I raged a little bit there, but I calmed myself down! (Casualties: keyboard Kappa) Most of the games that I played today went well for me. Had some funny and entertaining games like one TvT. I killed my opponent's initial reaper and he just typed gg and left, another one was the Zerg tried to bane bust me, but 1 hellion soaked up most of the banelings and supply depo survived and he rage quitted... Ahh, I love free points! Oh I forgot to mention another stupid build that I witnessed today in ladder! I have never saw this build before, the objective of that build was like this: 3 rax -> 7cc Kappa.I got trolled so hard that game.... Rekterino...
          To end this up, I want to announce that this week is going to be week of consistency! I will try to blog and stream every single day and not to skip any days, it's going to be really hard, because this week is going to be hard in school, but I will do my best to achieve this small challenge... Okay now here are my daily statistics!

Today's uptime: 03:08:09
Today's Played Games: 15
Today's Winrate: 10/5 (67%)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #8: The rage is real...

          Hello everyone my name is TheScriptan and welcome back to another daily blog! This time as always I will be talking about my training session and how it went. This session wasn't so successful due to some reasons... (I will mention them later on, patience!) I think I lost almost all of my games and I raged a lot which is the worst that you can do while gaming, because your whole results messes up and the effect just snowballs into losing streak.
          I think not a lot of you guys know that I am attending to dance lessons, this takes a lot of my free time and makes me extremely exhausted, so when I come back home, it is really hard to keep up with StarCraft... Dance lessons for me happens on Tuesdays and on Thursdays, so it is really difficult to keep up with the ladder on those days... I am doing my best, but when I am exhausted and tired I start making mistakes and dumb decisions while laddering and then I rage... Raging is a really tough thing to deal with. I had some bad days with it... I remember I was raging probably every day when I played StarCraft, this made me to improve less, until one day I got my shit together and stopped raging or at least I reduced the amount of rage I express. Anyways after a losing streak that happened 1-2 weeks ago, my raging came back and I need to control this again. This time it's pretty tough to do this, because there's so much tension for me right now...So much stuff I need to do this week, for example a big amount of homeworks/homejobs, preparation for dancing competition and so on and on top of this I always need to livestream and blog, so you guys can guess it already, that for a 16 years old student it is really hard to be consistence.
          Lastly, I want to say that if I fix my raging I will get masters faster + my production value is going to be way more effective, because today for example I just rage quitted my livestream, I was like "f*** it, I am out of here...". Anyhow, good luck and have fun guys, oh today there is not gonna be a lot of daily statistics, due to I played only unrankeds + I think I almost lost all of my games... TvZ is so hard...

Daily Uptime: 2015.1.8 - 1:11:39

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #7: Finally back on track

          Hello everyone! Finally I am back on track! I finally will be able to livestream daily and write blogs daily, because my PC got better, but ISP is still wanking around, because of ISP crap, I can't use twitchalerts and had to reinstall windows to try to fix it, but it didn't help... Anyways today I will be sharing once more some daily statistics of my daily StarCraft training sessions, I couldn't do much of them this week, due to my ISP, lose streak and PC lag, but now almost everything is resolved and I am good to go!
          Today's session went pretty well, I played only 13 games, but I won 9, so I am really happy about that! The session itself was okay-ish, I raged only once, because TvZ is so hard... I hate when Zergs doesn't make Mutalisks... I kinda autolose to that, because there's a lot of ground units that kills my whole bio, no matter how well I split... Everything else went pretty well, the livestream got enough viewers to satisfy me. It's been a long time since I got so many viewers after the school. Usually I get a decent amount of viewers, when it's weekend or vacation, but this time it was on school time, so I am pretty happy about that.
          What I disliked about today's training session is that there was some BM incidents + some people wasted my time... One protoss said to me fu and one terran played the game when he was on 1 base and didn't want to leave... It took 20-30 minutes to win that TvT... That was so annoying, I don't know what's the purpose to do that,  do they get satisfied or something, I really don't understand that...
          In conclusion, today's session went pretty well, my winrate is pretty high, the game quality was good, saw some mistakes that I am making, but these mistakes happens for me, because I did a small break from SC2, due to PC issues, lose streak and ISP... Anyways here are my daily statistics:

Today's Uptime: 3:13:53
Today's played games: 13
Today's winrate - 9/4 (69% what a nice number!) I am pretty happy about this winrate, because I did a break, but my results are still decent!

Monday, January 5, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #3,4,5: Problems and KSP

    Good evening everyone! (If you are reading at the moment I published :P) Today I took two day-offs so I will not be talking a lot about StarCraft. Mainly I will talk what I was doing then and what I wanted to do, but I didn't...
    On Saturday and Sunday I spent my day by playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program. Yeah, I was not playing StarCraft, because I am on a losing streak and I just wanted to take a day off, but I took 2 day offs... Anyways I achieved what I wanted in Kerbal Space Program. I landed on the moon and safely came back home. This was probably the best experience in my casual gaming life... After doing that I was interested in studying a little bit about space, so I did that, I was watching Apollo, Vostok, Lunar missions, checked Space Race Timeline and Space Exploration timelines! It was pretty epic to know more about these wonderful missions!
    Today, I didn't play StarCraft as well, because viruses messed me over... I was few minutes away from starting livestream, until I noticed that I can't write Captchas in alerts, so because of that I didn't livestream today. Tomorrow I will be reinstalling my Windows to fix this problems. (If anti-virus programs doesn't help) It will take a long time for me to do it, because I need to collect all the important data from my PC into USBs... Oh boy, tomorrow is going to be a hard day, I don't even know if I will be able to livestream due to all hard work....
    In conclusion, don't expect much activity in these few days, due to all software problems, this is going to be resolved this week and I will be back on the schedule as always! Good luck guys!

Friday, January 2, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #2: "You need to set small objectives that could be your victories even though you lose the game."

          Hey guys it's me again, today I will be talking about my training session, daily stats, and of course how the whole session went. The main topic will be rage and other statistics are going to be in the end, because those are just statistics that I am going to post every day!
          Today my session went really bad... It started out pretty well, but later on I started losing a lot of games... If you are watching me for at least 4 days now, you noticed that I was raging a lot these days, I am sure you know why, but if you don't, it's because I was on a losing streak for these 4 days... It's been annoying me + I am getting demotivated and losing my passion to play, because of this losing streak. I know that I shouldn't freak out when I lose, I shouldn't even be mad or disappointed... After all it's just the game, but sadly for me it's not, for me it's the competition where I compete every day and I try to show my best results that I can, but it doesn't work out how I am planned. Anyways, I will do my best to rage and get disappointed way less. Let's talk more about today. When I was raging, Creatureslime (from the livestream) reminded me that you can't win every single game and you need to set small objectives that could be your victories even though you lose the game. This method helps you rage less and win more, because you are improving in a better way and there is a point to lose. Most of the people, play just to play and get better, but that takes a lot of time to get better in that way, but if you use this method, your performance can raise really fast!
          Another topic for today is going to be my GG timing.... Not so long ago I realised that I do an IdrA gg. IdrA gg means that you leave the game faster than you should and maybe you could've took the game, but you thought differently and left the game, so I fixed this issue and tried to play as long as possible and leave the game than the game darn sure is not going to your side, but today things went differently for me... I left some games where I had a chance to win, but due to my rage and disappointment today, I left them and didn't even tried to win, hopefully one of my livestream viewers reminded me that I should do my best to try to come back to the game, even if I messed up hard. Next sessions I will do my best to play as long as possible and try to do MarineKing GG Timing. If you are not familiar with that timing, basically MarineKing leaves the game only then he has no units to micro!
          To sum this up, I will work towards fixing my attitude and GG timing. If I fix these issues once again (I have dealt with them before, but they came back...) the road to masters is going to be much easier and less painful! :) Okay now it's time to do some daily stats!

Today's uptime: 05:23:59
Today's played games: 27
Today's Winrate: 48% (Damn you blink, Protoss, TvT and Roaches :D )

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Daily Blog: #1 - Happy new year and my plans!

          Hello everyone! Happy new year fellas! Oh boy, 2014 was a blast for me and the time of 2014 passed so fast... I changed a lot during 2014. I learned so much for example my english, my StarCraft skills, my IT skills and so... Anyways I want to talk about what I am doing right now and what are my plans for 2015!
          As some of you know I "retired" from programming and game development, BUT I will come back, right now I want to pursue something in eSports. At this moment I am trying to get better at StarCraft 2. I knew about this game since I was 4, but started playing it casually on 13-14 years, I didn't play a lot, just a little, only when I was 15 years old, I started playing it a little bit more and I started playing ladder on iCCup. Anyways if my eSports thing is going to fail, I will come back to progamming after it, it will ALL depend on this and maybe next year what I am going to do.
          Now I want to talk about my current project and state of my StarCraft experience. Maybe some of you know that I started doing 1 Year Challenge as Terran from SCRATCH. Basically I try to play StarCraft II every day and livestream it, but it is really hard to be consistence when you are 16 years old and you go to school + when you have a lot of home jobs (not homeworks, there's a difference!).
          In conclusion I would like to say that 2015 might be a defining year for me what career to choose and want to seek in the future! Oh and I forgot to announce that I am going to try to blog every single day, but it might be hard as well, anyways, Good luck and have fun guys! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finally my game progress is moving!

         Hello everyone! My name is TheScriptan and welcome to another blog! This time I will be talking about my game progress! Finally I was able to develop something, because last two days I literally haven't touched the project... So unlucky... First day I was using steam version AND I exceded the limit of max objects, so I wanted to download standard, but Game Maker servers at that point were not working properly... Tried to download game maker for three hours, but it didn't work... Second day I wanted to balance the game, so transfered my project to usb and visited my friend. Sadly, my USB was not recognized on his PC, so again no development... Anyways, today I had time and tools to work on my "first game". I didn't do much, except some polishing and more easier stuff for me. I added new stuff, but I am not gonna mention them here, even if my game is not that big, I am not gonna spoil anything! Tomorrow, I will be doing a livestream and there I will announce my project + I am gonna be livestreaming how I am working on it! So don't forget to hop into my livestream! :) Okay guys, that is enough from me! I am out! Cya! :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

No development for my upcoming project and delayed annoucement...

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to antoher blog post! This time I will be talking about how Steam messed me up and how I messed up with Game Maker...
          Today I was doing my project as usual and got a message, you have a lot of objects. AFAIK the Game Maker now supports unlimited resources for a free version, but no, in Steam you get free version not standard version (this version is free as well). So, because of this I cannot continue doing my project and everything got halted today, I haven't did anything useful as well... This is a little bit depressing... Anyways now I have another problem. I am trying to download GM:S Standard version, but I just can't download it... I start my download, it downloads very very slow and later on it just crashes and says network crash... I tried everything to fix this, but it's an internal server problem, not my pc/router... I can download early access version, BUT I don't have professional version... Hoping to get this version till summer... Anyways, thank you for reading, I am hoping that I will download GM:S succesfully tomorrow, if not, I will go to my friend and download from him if that helps... Cya! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily Blogging: "Today's Adventure", Game Maker Project This Tuesday and New Schedule!

          Hello everyone! My name is TheScriptan and welcome to another blog! Today I will talk about what is coming up in next days or months! I will be introducing you to a new project Daily Blogging: "Today's Adventure", My "first" Game Maker Project after a long long break coming up this tuesday and my new schedule.
          Last night when I was lying in my bed and trying to sleep, I was thinking a lot. So when I was doing that I came up with an idea that I should start doing Daily Blogging! I tried to do this before, but I abandoned it, due to it takes a lot of time... This time is not going to be like the last time! I learned from my mistakes and I will do my best to be as consistent as possible. This daily blogging I am going to name: "Today's Adventure". Every day I will try to post what I did today in school, after school, what I witnessed and so on, basically, I will just talk what I was doing that day. This project is going to be enumerated each day, for example the first day's blog title will look like this: "Today's Adventure: Day #1 - Title(Don't know if I am going to use title here, but we will see!) ". I am planning to start doing this project on 2015 January 1st! It's going to be really cool to launch this project at that day, because it's going to end at 2015 January 1st as well!
          Okay, some of you know that I picked up Game Maker again, so here is some good news for you, this tuesday I will announce on what I am going to work! The game is going to be really basic, simple and primitive, it's going to be made for learning purpose, but I will do my best to polish the game as much as possible and release it to the internet, more likely, GameJolt and IndieDB! Now after I finish this post I will start working on this project and on this tuesday I will start streaming how I am working on this project! Oh boy I can't wait! Don't forget guys, that this game is not going to be really cool or something like that, my skills of Game Maker decreased over the time, so yeah, now I am learning the basics again and this project will help me to remember the basics! :)
          Two days ago I made a new schedule for myself, so here I am going to talk a little bit about this new schedule! First, I want to show how it looks like it:
  • Monday: 4-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft II)
  • Tuesday: 5-6 PM to 8 PM (Game Development and Youtube)
  • Wednesday: 3-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft)
  • Thursday: 4-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft/Game Development/Youtube ) Depends on the mood
  • Friday: 3-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft)
  • Saturday: 12 AM - 2 PM to 8 PM - 11 PM (StarCraft then Game Development/Youtube)
  • Sunday: 1-3 PM to 7-8 PM (StarCraft then Game Development/Youtube)
Every week I will try to produce 1-2 youtube videos,  play StarCraft for few days and of course do some programming! All this stuff is going to be livestreamed except how I do my youtube videos! Sometimes I might not livestream how I program, because I might not find enough time to livestream it. 

          To sum up, there is a lot of stuff that is going to come out from me in these couple of weeks or months! I am going to try to increase my productivity and be more consistent! I am really excited for the upcoming week, because I will start using this new schedule and I will announce the game that I am working on! Anyways, right now I need to go to the shop, so thank you for watching and I will see you next time! I'am out!