Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coming Back With Love2D/Lua and Livestreaming!

          Hello everyone!!! Once again I am going back to programming! This time I am going to study hard Lua and Love2D! I have chosen this library, because it it's cross-platform! (Windows, Linux and Mac) I have two laptops and I could work with both of them!
          This time there is going to be a different thing! I am going to livestream as much as possible of my learning and developing time, but I don't know if I am going to make timelapses, because it takes a lot of time for me to render... :( Still I think this project is going to be really fun and I will learn a lot and maybe will finish a game finally! Well that is it from me, see ya later guys! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy as hell...

Hello everyone, sorry for today again.. I didn't find any time to livestream or at least do something with programming. I would like to announce a liitle rule change in my programming project. If I don't programme at all in one day, this day isn't counted, because there is no need to count it I think. That is my opinion, but anyways I want to do this project like this.
            Tomorrow I will finally start streaming, I think I don't have lots of homework and other stuff. That is all from me! I'm out.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No programming today...

Hello everyone, I have some sad news. Today I will not do anything with programming, because I have a lot of homeworks and some other daily stuff. I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow, but I will try to livestream tomorrow, for at least one or two hours. God damn those homeworks...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 3 - Learning Programming In 2 Years

          Hello everyone! This day changed my thinking. I thought where should I improve, no matter what programming language you will be developing you can end up with the same results and my Twitch channel is helping me a lot!
          I started streaming just yesterday, but now I have like 5~8 people who loves watching me and helping me, I bet they are learning something as well! It is really nice to see people who can spare their time for me! I even talked with one guy through skype, he explained me a lot in game programming! I really appreciate that help from him , he said that he will help me later as well, of course if he will have spare time.

Link to a timelapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWFH5WKr2UA

Today's Plans And Desing Updates

          Usually every Sunday I am tidying my room, so I don't know how much time I will have to livestream or timelapse, but If I will have some time here is what I am going to do. My Main goal is to get deeper into c# and create a basic calculator using switch statements and while loops.
          Yesterday I redesigned my blog. Now I think it looks better, but still I think color composition isn't that great, but for me that is good enough. I think I said everything I wanted, stay tuned for livestream, don't forget to follow me on twitch/twitter/youtube! I'm out!

Learning Game Programming Day 2 - Completed!

          Second day passes out. Lots of new stuff came for me. Discovered new friends that will help me in the road of programming! I discovered new ways how to increase my programming ideas faster! Found a good way to communicate with others!
         So I was wandering around in forums and one guy asked me "Can I livestream?" - I said: I think I can't because my laptop is slow and he can't handle it, but I tried it and it worked! For me personally that was like a miracle, a way that will help me get better at programming faster! I was so happy about it, that almost made my day, but still I thought that nobody will watch it, I had other channels of twitch, and I barely got viewers. One or two people would watch my streams, but this stream got his "popularity" at his first day. I didn't believe that this was happening from 20 views to 200! That number for me is really high, viewers were coming in and out, average of them was 7~9.These numbers are really high for me, and it really made my day.
          Okay, now I should get more serious, what about my programming skills, what I have accomplished for today, well I was mostly communicating with viewers, but still I managed to make something. Here is a little little list of what I made so far:
* Factorial Function (It was fun making it with viewers help!)
* IfThatThenThat
* NameSurname
* Basic Calculator
This is what I made so far, these are really simple programs, that aren't even getting posted somewhere, maybe later, when I upgrade them they might get published somewhere, but for now I will leave them where they should be. Well that is all for day 2. Thanks for reading and I am OUT! :)

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr815x6PJbY - Second timelapse of day 2.
* http://www.twitch.tv/thescriptan/ - Twitch Link

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I am streaming! :)

Today one guy in forums asked me to try to stream. I thought that my pc can't handle it. Well I wasn't right. I tried to livestream and it works. At this moment I am streaming, if you want to catch up go to the link below.
Sorry that this post is very short, I just want to announce that I am streaming at the moment. :)

Link: http://www.twitch.tv/thescriptan/

Learning Programming In 2 Years Day Two Part One Timelapse is published!

Hello everyone! I just want to make quick announcement! My first timelapse is published on youtube. Link is below. I made this timelapse through my main computer and using Ubuntu. There was a lot of programs that I used, for example gLapse to capture screenshots, MonoDevelop to code, Dropbox to send screenshots and VirtualDub to render the video. Oh and I used my second laptop to read stuff. This timelapse is only part one of today's timelapses, there might be one or two coming up! So follow me on twitter/subscribe to my youtube channel or just follow here with Google+!   :)

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrIObLClEM8

Day 1 - Completed Learning Programming In 2 Years!

          Good morning everyone! Here it is, my first blog post about my first day of my project Learning Programming In 2 Years. These kind of blog post are going to come out every night or other day morning! All blog post are going to describe what I learned, what I achieved, how many followers I got in twitter, what posts I made in forum and all that stuff.
          My first day was a preparation day, I prepared everything, at this day I even got a second laptop which inspired me to start programming. That second laptop is called "Old Laptop" it runs latest Lubuntu! The purpose of two laptops for me is that I can make cross-platforms easier. For now I use this laptop as a book or for nightly developments, I can't use my main laptop, because it doesn't have a battery and ac adapter isn't working properly... This laptop helps me a lot, it saves time for me, because then I was working with my main pc, it was hard to read and code at the same time, now I can do this, I don't need to do alt tabbing anymore. Hype!
          I reached 27 followers at this very moment, and I started twitter maybe 7~10 hours ago, I think that is a really good number. Post in gamedev.net reached 336 views and 5 replies and my blog started blowing up again! Oh and I forgot to mention that I read 19 pages of a book called "C# Yellow" it is a free book though. These facts are really impressing, well at least for me, you know it's a first day and I am starting everything from scratch! Today's plans for me is to make a simple calculator, or maybe add some functions and area calculations, and of course make a successful timelapse and show you how my progress is going! Well that is everything I did in my first day. I'm out!

Friday, January 24, 2014

My Road Into Programming and Project "Learning Programming In 2 Years"

Hello everyone! My name is Ainis, I am 15 years old. I want to announce that I am starting a new project called "Learning Programming In 2 Years". I got inspired by LethalFrag who just completed his 2 Year Livestream. Main goal of this is to show people how hard and how easy it is to learn programming. To understand what problems you can encourage while you are learning and it should be really fun and interesting to follow my progress and help me to move forward. I am going to be programming with C#, later going to jump to XNA, and lastly going to start with MonoGame, because it is cross-platform, and I know that linux community wants new developers and indie games! Now I am going to tell you all my backstory how I got into programming.           When I was young I wasn't even thinking about programming, I was just playing games and going outside with friends, that was my childhood, I bet a lot of people had same childhood like me, but anyway, I had a good pc at that moment, when suddenly it broke. I was 11~12 at that moment. After one year without computer I finally got a computer, but it was so slow that you guys might not believe. Here are specifications: Intel 700 Mhz, 128 MB Video Card, 384 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD. At that moment I wasn't playing any games, just using it for work, like Word, Powerpoint, Facebook. One day I thought how games are made, and I went to my pc and started researching, after 1~3 days of researching I understood that firstly I have to do very basic steps, only then go deep into game programming, but I didn't do that. I was jumping through programming languages and without motivation leaving them, sometimes I thought that programming was not for me... Then I was like 14 years old. After month I told myself that I can do this and I can make games! I was programming for like one month or two, until I realised I need to grow up a little bit and maybe I will understand everything better, because I wanted to understand everything I write. I hated tutorials that says you just need to do like this, after that I left programming once again. Few weeks later I got a new powerful laptop, sadly it was HP DV6000 (If you don't know what is wrong with I am going to explain here. There is a bug in all HP DV6000, architects of it made a big mistake that causes your GPU to overheat). When I got this pc I was playing all the time. At the very end of my HP death I started messing around with unity but that was unfortunate, because my laptop died... I came back to my old one, then I started programming with C++/C#. At that time I understood everything I was watching, for example: Pointers, OOP, Virtual functions, Polymorphisms, Inheritance, but I got lazy and left programming again...  Few months later I got laptop that I am using at this moment, before this laptop I bought low end tablet, where I started using terminal (There is a really awesome program that lets you use full terminal like Linux), started programming with tablet.
          I will tell you all one more thing about this project. What laptops, tablet I am using. Well I have three machines, two laptops and one tablet. There is main laptop, old laptop, and for fun tablet biggrin.png. I use main laptop to develop everything. My Old laptop is like a book, or for nightly developments(I can't use my main laptop because he doesn't have battery + his AC adapter is working bad) and I use my tablet for email, twitch, youtube, music, and for some programming as well, recently a new app was released called C# Compiler REPL or something like that. It is really nice, it has lots of functions and stuff!
          Well that is it. Here is a backstory of my road into programming, it was a hard road, and tough. Now I understand myself better, and I know problems of mine. Anyways, if you read everything I am really thankful that you read everything, sorry if it was too long for you to read and sorry that my English isn't that great, my English is not a native language and I am still a 15 years old boy. So support me on twitter/youtube/blogger and follow my progress! I would love if some of you guys could give me some advices or advertise my project, because I am starting from barebones, from scratch, that would inspire me a lot! smile.png
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheScriptan
Blog: http://thescriptan.blogspot.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheScriptan