Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finally my game progress is moving!

         Hello everyone! My name is TheScriptan and welcome to another blog! This time I will be talking about my game progress! Finally I was able to develop something, because last two days I literally haven't touched the project... So unlucky... First day I was using steam version AND I exceded the limit of max objects, so I wanted to download standard, but Game Maker servers at that point were not working properly... Tried to download game maker for three hours, but it didn't work... Second day I wanted to balance the game, so transfered my project to usb and visited my friend. Sadly, my USB was not recognized on his PC, so again no development... Anyways, today I had time and tools to work on my "first game". I didn't do much, except some polishing and more easier stuff for me. I added new stuff, but I am not gonna mention them here, even if my game is not that big, I am not gonna spoil anything! Tomorrow, I will be doing a livestream and there I will announce my project + I am gonna be livestreaming how I am working on it! So don't forget to hop into my livestream! :) Okay guys, that is enough from me! I am out! Cya! :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

No development for my upcoming project and delayed annoucement...

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to antoher blog post! This time I will be talking about how Steam messed me up and how I messed up with Game Maker...
          Today I was doing my project as usual and got a message, you have a lot of objects. AFAIK the Game Maker now supports unlimited resources for a free version, but no, in Steam you get free version not standard version (this version is free as well). So, because of this I cannot continue doing my project and everything got halted today, I haven't did anything useful as well... This is a little bit depressing... Anyways now I have another problem. I am trying to download GM:S Standard version, but I just can't download it... I start my download, it downloads very very slow and later on it just crashes and says network crash... I tried everything to fix this, but it's an internal server problem, not my pc/router... I can download early access version, BUT I don't have professional version... Hoping to get this version till summer... Anyways, thank you for reading, I am hoping that I will download GM:S succesfully tomorrow, if not, I will go to my friend and download from him if that helps... Cya! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily Blogging: "Today's Adventure", Game Maker Project This Tuesday and New Schedule!

          Hello everyone! My name is TheScriptan and welcome to another blog! Today I will talk about what is coming up in next days or months! I will be introducing you to a new project Daily Blogging: "Today's Adventure", My "first" Game Maker Project after a long long break coming up this tuesday and my new schedule.
          Last night when I was lying in my bed and trying to sleep, I was thinking a lot. So when I was doing that I came up with an idea that I should start doing Daily Blogging! I tried to do this before, but I abandoned it, due to it takes a lot of time... This time is not going to be like the last time! I learned from my mistakes and I will do my best to be as consistent as possible. This daily blogging I am going to name: "Today's Adventure". Every day I will try to post what I did today in school, after school, what I witnessed and so on, basically, I will just talk what I was doing that day. This project is going to be enumerated each day, for example the first day's blog title will look like this: "Today's Adventure: Day #1 - Title(Don't know if I am going to use title here, but we will see!) ". I am planning to start doing this project on 2015 January 1st! It's going to be really cool to launch this project at that day, because it's going to end at 2015 January 1st as well!
          Okay, some of you know that I picked up Game Maker again, so here is some good news for you, this tuesday I will announce on what I am going to work! The game is going to be really basic, simple and primitive, it's going to be made for learning purpose, but I will do my best to polish the game as much as possible and release it to the internet, more likely, GameJolt and IndieDB! Now after I finish this post I will start working on this project and on this tuesday I will start streaming how I am working on this project! Oh boy I can't wait! Don't forget guys, that this game is not going to be really cool or something like that, my skills of Game Maker decreased over the time, so yeah, now I am learning the basics again and this project will help me to remember the basics! :)
          Two days ago I made a new schedule for myself, so here I am going to talk a little bit about this new schedule! First, I want to show how it looks like it:
  • Monday: 4-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft II)
  • Tuesday: 5-6 PM to 8 PM (Game Development and Youtube)
  • Wednesday: 3-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft)
  • Thursday: 4-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft/Game Development/Youtube ) Depends on the mood
  • Friday: 3-5 PM to 8 PM (StarCraft)
  • Saturday: 12 AM - 2 PM to 8 PM - 11 PM (StarCraft then Game Development/Youtube)
  • Sunday: 1-3 PM to 7-8 PM (StarCraft then Game Development/Youtube)
Every week I will try to produce 1-2 youtube videos,  play StarCraft for few days and of course do some programming! All this stuff is going to be livestreamed except how I do my youtube videos! Sometimes I might not livestream how I program, because I might not find enough time to livestream it. 

          To sum up, there is a lot of stuff that is going to come out from me in these couple of weeks or months! I am going to try to increase my productivity and be more consistent! I am really excited for the upcoming week, because I will start using this new schedule and I will announce the game that I am working on! Anyways, right now I need to go to the shop, so thank you for watching and I will see you next time! I'am out!

1 Year Challenge, Indie Games, Game Maker?

         Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and I am back to blogging again! Hurray! It's been a long time since I did this! I was planning to do this before, but at that time, I didn't have much time! Right now it's 0:26 AM and I have time! Anyways I came here to discuss what I am up to, since I haven't updated you guys about my life, what I am doing, what I am planning to do and what I will do in the future!
      I think I haven't mentioned this here. I started doing 1 Year Challenge as Terran from Scratch! Basically it means that I play StarCraft 2 every single day! I started this project in the summer's middle of 2014 (If you are reading this in 2015  or in the future!:P). The purpose of this, was for me just start doing twitch and force myself to play StarCraft and get better at it! I really enjoy doing it, but some times it's really hard. Sometimes I lose my motivation and want to stop and switch doing something else, but I don't do that, because it's 1 Year Challenge and I can't fail it like I failed before with my 1/2 year challenges of Programming...
          Today I started recording how I play Indie Games! Basically I am doing a gameplay, review and first impression of the games! So far I enjoy it, but I don't know if I will have enough time for this. The first video that I uploaded is this one: Fallow Demo. The game is really interesting even if it's a demo. I just showed how the game will look when it's going to be released! Doing this I am learning a lot, because I need to create thumbnails + I need to edit the video, to do this I need to work with programs like Photoshop or Sony Vegas Pro/Adobe Premiere! This kind of thing gives me some fundamentals in things like editing photos/videos! The same goes for my current 1 Year Challenge to play StarCraft! It helps me to be more consistent in life!
          Last paragraph is Game Maker! Ludum dare is coming and I might to compete in it! It will depend if I have enough time for this. I have been in love with game development since I got to programming! So I want to continue doing this, so while I am doing my 1 Year Challenge, I might be doing some Game Maker streams or just playing around with it! It might not happen, because StarCraft (1 Year Challenge) takes a lot of time!
          In conclusion, I would like to say that what is annoying me right now, that I want to do a lot of things, but I just don't have enough time... I love the things like streaming/programming/youtube'ing/editing videos, but I just can't choose the right direction, I could be a hybrid, but I don't know about that yet! Anyways thank you for reading and I am out! CU! <3

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting back to programming + Learning Game Maker Project... + Gaming Streams! + 100 POST!

          Hello everyone, yes I am back again, I am really sorry for those who are disappointed about my failures and all that... (Moving@, 2 Years to learn programming, learning c# and all that, now I failed my StarCraft road to GM... I know I can, but I just stop doing it...). Anyways I am going to get back and now I will make a schedule and try to fix my past mistakes and never abandon project that I am making. Maybe some of you know that I started streaming some content, because I got my new computer after three years of waiting. Damn I remember when I was young and had really crappy pc and my tablet, such an nostalgic feeling. Good old days when I was programming VCOS, Moving@, but something happened and I abandoned it even if I loved developing them so much.
          This time I am going to start using Game Maker. As some of you know, Game Make Standard version now is free, it's sad that it's not free yet in Steam, but I hope it will be free. So when it's free you have all the licenses to release your game and no worries, I remember when I was using some illegal programs like unity, Game Make Pro, I knew that I can't release any games, because I have no licenses, so that demotivated me and I stopped developing something, but now things changed, YoYoGames made a big decision and maybe it will save me! Now I am going to start similar project to learning XXXX. Now I am going to be learning Game Maker and going to stream my learning curve! Once again, but this time I feel I will be happy about this and will not abandon it! I will be doing this all summer, at least few hours or full time, trying to learn it as fast as possible (Till Ludum Dare there is 2 months!). I have some ideas for my first games, of course they are going to be really simple, but at least I have those ideas! Maybe this time I am going to compete for LD48!
          You may wonder why I mentioned Gaming content, well I will be streaming some gaming content in my stream, because playing games increases your imagination, of course it depends what games you play. I will be doing some full runs of the games and all that fun, maybe some of you will enjoy it and will stick with me! I will play a lot of indie games and of course some commercial games that works for me. I saw one thing when I wanted to become a progamer as StarCraft player, I lacked other games, I had only 1 game, StarCraft and that's it, of course StarCraft is really fun, but I think it killed some of my creativity and with my schedule I didn't play any games except StarCraft, well I reached a reasonable rank there within one month, I reached Top Platinum (Platinum Rank 1). After tryharding this game I missed good old times of programming and developing something, because I can share my creativity in game programming! Anyways I am still going to play StarCraft, but only few games a day, sometimes I might not even play a single game in one day, but I will try. So what I want to do with gaming content streaming is to get a bigger viewership that might help me and support me. With this viewership I could communicate which I like mostly from streaming, I remember when I streamed my learning curves I was almost watching twitch chat and trying to interact with my viewers. This feeling was really cool!
          Damn, writing blogs is so fun! It's like clearing my struggling minds into one white page and into invisible world - Internet. Well that's going to be it from me, it's hella long post that I made here, damn, I bet this one is one of the longest posts I have made in my history, maybe I didn't even write that much in school! If you read all of this rant, when you are a god! :D Anyways thanks again for reading and maybe we will meet in my livestream or twitter! :) That's all from me! Good luck and bye! :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Livestream today!

Hello everyone! What a nice day to start my first livestream! Today I will try to stream for about 5 hours. This day I will try to learn as much of Lua and create some simple programs, I don't know when I will start developing something with Love2D, but it sure is going to happen this week! It's sad that I abandoned my project for 2 years, I thought that it's a big responsibility or something like that. Anyways now I will create nothing that abstract like before, I will not set any date or something, I will just do and that's it. If you want to get somewhere you have to fail and just do it, no matter what happens.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coming Back With Love2D/Lua and Livestreaming!

          Hello everyone!!! Once again I am going back to programming! This time I am going to study hard Lua and Love2D! I have chosen this library, because it it's cross-platform! (Windows, Linux and Mac) I have two laptops and I could work with both of them!
          This time there is going to be a different thing! I am going to livestream as much as possible of my learning and developing time, but I don't know if I am going to make timelapses, because it takes a lot of time for me to render... :( Still I think this project is going to be really fun and I will learn a lot and maybe will finish a game finally! Well that is it from me, see ya later guys! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy as hell...

Hello everyone, sorry for today again.. I didn't find any time to livestream or at least do something with programming. I would like to announce a liitle rule change in my programming project. If I don't programme at all in one day, this day isn't counted, because there is no need to count it I think. That is my opinion, but anyways I want to do this project like this.
            Tomorrow I will finally start streaming, I think I don't have lots of homework and other stuff. That is all from me! I'm out.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No programming today...

Hello everyone, I have some sad news. Today I will not do anything with programming, because I have a lot of homeworks and some other daily stuff. I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow, but I will try to livestream tomorrow, for at least one or two hours. God damn those homeworks...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 3 - Learning Programming In 2 Years

          Hello everyone! This day changed my thinking. I thought where should I improve, no matter what programming language you will be developing you can end up with the same results and my Twitch channel is helping me a lot!
          I started streaming just yesterday, but now I have like 5~8 people who loves watching me and helping me, I bet they are learning something as well! It is really nice to see people who can spare their time for me! I even talked with one guy through skype, he explained me a lot in game programming! I really appreciate that help from him , he said that he will help me later as well, of course if he will have spare time.

Link to a timelapse: